Math Flash Cards HD is a premier learning tool from your young one in or just starting school.  Math Flash Cards is available NOW on the iTunes App Store for $5.99.


  • Math Flash Cards HD was designed with multiple users or students in mind
  • Keep track of the users progress, MFC HD tracks all exams completed.  Records the time to complete, score and also averages out to a grade.

  • Take multiple exams, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication or Division
  • For the younger learner MFC HD is packed with Mini-Games!  (Counting Sheep, Operator What? and more)

  • Settings?  Where to begin, Configure how many questions, configure the Operator, Configure the RANGE of top Numbers and Bottom Numbers
  • Add a Time Limit, Configure the time limit to stop when time is reached or number of questions reached – And more, we went all out!!!

  • If you are stuck on answering the question, NO PROBLEMS – just rotate the device Landscape and a Scratch Pad opens up so you can work out those hard questions





YouTube Math Flash Cards HD Walkthrough